Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making the Most of Tricky Spaces

From the start I knew that decorating my two bedroom apartment was going to be tricky, given that what was supposed to be the main bedroom was quite small and cramped. The den, though slightly larger in size, had no doors, so it lacked privacy. Despite this downside, the extra space seemed too good to pass up and so I decided to make the den my bedroom. Since the den was essentially an extension of the living room, I knew that I had to find a way to keep the continuity between the two rooms. That being said, I wanted the bedroom to be the softer and more romantic of the two. The solution? Using the same dominant colours in each room helped create maximum flow. I chose a creamy beige (yay beige!), a walnut brown, bronze and pops of white. From there, I added touches of purple and gold to the bedroom, and complemented it with delicate art and accessories. As a final touch, I added bold pillows for a little punch of modern.

Take a look at how I did it!

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